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to own a gym?

As an IRON NATION Franchisee, you will bring exceptional value and diversity to your community.

From an unforgettable atmosphere and top of the line equipment, to personalized sales training and a friendly, pressure free enrollment process. Your members will enjoy luxury amenities and services such as Tanning, Red-Light Therapy and On-site Personal Training. You’ll have much more to offer than any of your competitors and all at an affordable price with an experienced, knowledgeable team to back you up.

Recognized and respect-
ed brand

Iron Nation has created a prestigious reputation in the past four years that has taken the fitness industry by storm. Providing an inviting, and exciting fitness experience every single workout!
Iron Nation was designed and tested to work in many diverse marketplaces…from smaller rural townships to large bustling city environments.
Iron Nation has fast become known for its awe inspiring facilities and a true attention to detail that is built on years of experience in multiple different sector of the fitness industry.
We want YOU to become a part of the fastest growing privately owned fitness brand in Canada.


It is our staunch belief that a happy customer is a returning customer, so we’ve created an atmosphere that is both motivating & exciting. Great customer service stands at the core of what we do and effective training ensures that you will be able to build an incredible and most importantly welcoming environment to help your members transform themselves into the best version of themselves.

We believe that fitness is not exclusive, it is for anyone and everyone and we strive to provide the perfect space where members and guest alike feel good about the time they invest.It’s time to ask yourself… Are You IN?

branded smart
phone app

Iron Nation has created an easy and interactive fitness app to help you stay on track to best achieve your goals.

This fully versatile App helps with Calorie tracking, Workout and Meal planning, cardio management and Progression Checks

gym design

site selec-

Location is key to success in this business, we work side by side with you and our real estate specialists to ensure the very best locations are chosen to ensure long term success.

Close market analysis helps us to determine optimal facility placement.

We take several different community and demographic factors into account when selecting the location for your fitness facility such as direct access routes, distances from essential or complimentary services and parking availability.


Iron Nation Fitness uses a specialized fitness software system designated specifically for best membership retention results. We offer many membership options to ensure we always have a membership plan that works for anyone’s budget and lifestyle.

Software is easy to navigate and provides a wide range of customizable interace options to suit your preference.

Fully secure payment portal allows for all types of billing, Credit/Debit Card and Direct deposit both work seamlessly with our software with expanded payment details always provided for each transaction.

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